If your conservatory is too cold to use in the winter months its probably too hot in the peak of summer as well and the chances are that you have an old fashioned polycarbonate roof on your conservatory.

Having a polycarbonate conservatory roof can attract the heat dramatically rendering your conservatory virtually unusable , the same can be said for the freezing winter weather as the polycarbonate roof allows the heat to escape rapidly making the conservatory bitterly cold. The best solution to this is to fit an insulated lightweight tiled roof to your conservatory, manufacturers such as Decra and Metrotile make tiles designed specifically for this type of structure and also for the low pitch of some lean to conservatories. By installing a lightweight roof you can also insulate the inside which dramatically reduces heat loss but also keeps away direct sun glare making your conservatory useable in all weathers.

insulated conservatory roof


Insulated lightweight tiled roof on a conservatory

Cost Of A New Insulated Conservatory Roof

The overall cost of replacing your old polycarbonate conservatory roof with a new lightweight insulated tiled roof can vary quite a bit, factors such as type of conservatory, size of roof, choice of finishings and installation of lights or speakers etc can all move the price slightly. On average we install a new roof to conservatories for around £5000 plus vat, the vat element however is greatly reduced to 5% as you are basically installing an energy efficient measure to your home which is saving you 15% off normal rate of Vat. This saving can really make a new insulated conservatory roof more than affordable, if you would like to speak to one of our surveyors and receive a free no obligation quote you’ll find our details here. or fill in the simple to use form below and a company representative will call you back.