How To Solve Flat Roof Leaks In Kirkcaldy, Fife

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Garage Roof Replacement

Flat Roof Garages And Dormers

Flat roofs in Kirkcaldy on your dormer or garage can sometimes be a bit of a worry for numerous reasons, the main one being you cant really see them like you can see your main pitched roof on your house.

Like it or not flat roof dormers are a main part of a lot of properties in the Kirkcaldy area as are flat roof garages, for instance the Dunnikier estate area is heavily populated with this style of property as is forth park gardens area and more. Having your flat roof checked over on a regular basis can help make sure it maintains a long lifespan and no unexpected leaks enter into your rooms and damage your ceilings, even having an annual check over and clearing of debris by your local Fife Roofer will extend the lifespan of your flat roof dramatically. in 

One of the main reasons for flat roofs leaking is failed flashing, failed flashing can let water penetrate the very edging of a flat roof and if this occurs in the winter months when the water freezes it expands under the flat roof surface and lifts the surface away from the decking boards underneath, eventually the roof will develop pockets under the surface and the water damage will cause internal timbers to rot, its always best to maintain your flat roof as much as possible and if you do notice a leak or something marking your ceiling get a professional flat roofer out to inspect it right away.

Another issue with flat roofing is if the area covered is done with torch on felt the joins in the felt tend to deteriorate over the years and the water and frost in the winter attacks the joins and they become brittle and start to lift allowing water ingress and pooling on the roof.

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Damaged And Leaking Flat Roof


Flat roof leaks usually tell you that the flat roof is ready for renewing, repairing a flat roof will only ever be a temporary measure as there will always then be a join or patch on the existing roof.

In our experience using a product such as  Firestone rubber membrane or EPDM is by far the best choice for a flat roof finish and because it comes with a 20 year warranty the roof is as good as new for the next 20 years. There are no joins in a firestone rubber roof and no need for any heat applied as all the coverings are bonded with high performance glue and finished around the edges with mechanically fitted plastic trims which provide a fantastic looking finish to any flat roof property.

Our overall recommendation is that if your flat roof dormer or garage is leaking and you are noticing water ingress below your roof you should replace it as soon as conveniently possible, the longer its left unattended the more internal damage between your flat roof and your ceiling will occur, damaged beams and rafters can make the project more expensive than it would be if you replaced the roof early.


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How to find a flat roof specialist near you

  1. Google

    Google will always be the first choice search engine for majority of internet search terms and searching for a flat roofer is no different, by typing flat roof specialist into your google search bar you will get an endless list of companies that can assist with repairing your flat roof.

  2. Local Directories

    Your local newspaper or services directory is also usually a good place to search for your local flat roofer as most of the roofers that are local to your area will advertise here, its very seldom you will have roofers that are based 50 miles away listing an ad in your local newspaper.

  3. Referral

    A referral can usually be the best way to find what your looking for , if a local flat roofing company has done a satisfactory job for a neighbour or freind then they should be able to do the same for you, you can also ask questions like were they freindly and professional, were they clean and tidy in their job and were they fairly priced.

If your still struggling feel free to fill in the form below and we will be happy to provide a free flat roof inspection and quotation.