How Much Is A New Tiled Roof in fife

A question we answer on a daily basis is ,how much is a new tiled roof?

The easiest and most honest way to answer this is every single roof is different therefore its going to vary in cost for any roof that is renewed.

We look further into the differences and anticipated costs below.

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Different Roof Types Mean Different Costs

Because every property is different it means that all roof replacements are different and priced accordingly, one of the factors is what style of roof is being fitted.

For instance we have numerous roof types and approximate costs using Marley materials such as

Hipped roof replacements which have angles running down the sides of a roof where the tiles meet but come to a unique angle, for a 60 square meter hipped roof on a 2 storey property the approximate cost can range from £4500 to £6500

Up and over roof replacements which are straight forward roofs on properties where there are only two sides to the roof and they usually mirror each other exactly. The approximate costs for a 50 square meter two storey up and over roof are between £3500 and £5000.

Valley roof replacements, roofs with valleys have an area where the roof panels meet but run at different internal angles meaning that a valley must be fitted to aid the run of rainwater and keep the roof watertight, the approximate cost of a 50 square meter new valley roof on a two storey building is anywhere between £4000 and £6000.

There are obviously numerous other roof types but these are the most common and comparable new roofs we are asked about.

Please feel free to contact us regarding further information on the price of a new roof