The cost of a roof repair in Fife can be determined by many factors ranging from type of roof to location of property and amount o fwork and materials required to complete the job. A few examples are as folows but these are only for reference and are merley guidance on costs of roof repairs.

slate roof repairsSlate roof repair

  • Small roof repairs on tiled roofs can range from £80 to £300 typically.
  • Larger roof repairs on a tiled roof can climb into thousands of pounds dependent on the work required but always get three quotes for comparison.
  • Small roof repairs on a slate roof are more complex than tiled roofs and can range from £150 up to £1000 on an average sized property.
  • Larger roof repairs on a slate roof are usually well over £1000 and again you should always compare quotes.
  • Flat roof repairs can be as small as £150 but usually if a flat roof needs repaired its too late to salvage it and a new roof is required, always get advice from an reputable Fife roofer.
  • Sometimes when the cost of repairing a roof is getting quite high you may want to consider a roof replacement as constantly repairing a roof can keep on costing you money time and time agin but you will always have the same old roof you had originally, a new roof can be a better option long term and save you money.

What if i cant afford a roof repair

Unfortunately this is an issue a lot of homeowners face as roof repairs can lead to unplanned financial outlays, trying to find several hundred pounds to fund a roof repair is not an easy task for a majority of people in the current climate. As a last resort you can always try the options below in how to pay for my roof repairs.

How to afford a roof repair with no money

  1. Roof Funding

    Ask the company repairing the roof on your property if they provide any sort of grants or funding, grants are mostly phased out now but private funding is still an option.

  2. Bank Loan

    Try your bank and see if they can accept you for a loan to cover the costs of your roof repair.

  3. Mortgage Funds

    It may be possible that your mortgage provider will provide a loan to repair your roof as they have an interest in making sure your home is kept as valuable as possible.

There are certain ways to keep the cost down as much as possible such as, getting the leak inspected by a local Fife roofer as soon as you notice it, make sure you have adequate insurance, join an annual roof maintenance plan where your roof will be inspected twice a year by the maintaining company.